Brave-heart Priyanka died the same way she lived

Zirakpur, Mohali, Punjab

Date of Donation: 1st February, 2017

Priyanka Jain, all of 23, a resident of Zirakpur, died the same way she lived, by caring and giving. Compassion was at the core of her being, so it seems right that it should also be her final act.

“No words can convey our remorse. But we are trying to draw strength from the fact that as she had registered herself as an organ donor, we could actually fulfill her last wish,” added Ashima as the brave-heart family, through their magnanimous act of organ donation, gave second lease of life to two and sight to two more, thereby helping four patients in PGIMER.

Destiny had something else in store, as brilliant life of Priyanka was cut short at its prime when a fun trip with her friends to Goa turned into this grim tragedy. While on their way from Goa to Pune near Karar Satar in the district Satara in a cab, the driver lost control while maneuvering a bend at the road. The cab banged into an iron railing on the side, leading to Priyanaka’s fatal head injury from which she could not be retrieved and she her battle with life on 2nd February. In an extremely rare incident, the family showcased indomitable spirit to fulfil Priyanka’s last wish to be an organ donor.

Priyanka’s caring spirit, infectious smile and resounding laugh drew people to her. She was always there to lend a helping hand, provide an ear to listen and to give a smile that would brighten a cloudy day. One could easily spot her in the blood/organ donation camps because of her positive energy, energetic demeanor and proactive engagement with the participants motivating them to join the cause and register for blood and organ donation, shared Priyanka’s sister Ashima.

In view of Priyanka’s decision to be an organ donor and her family’s commitment to honour her wish, Priyanka’s story became a resurrection story. Out of death and despair came new life. The good had come full circle.