A Lesson Taught in Altruism & Humanity

Akrola, Uttar Pradesh 

Date of Donation: 19th September, 2017

Nothing can console a parent over the death of their child, but knowing his 11 years old daughter Tamreen’s organs saved two other people helps Yusuf Shah feel his daughter did not die in vain.

Describing his daughter as “adorable, compassionate and creative”, Yusuf Shah said she would have been deeply proud of her legacy as he consented to donate the organs after his little daughter was declared brain dead in PGIMER. His generous decision and rare courage saved the two critical patients battling for survival after the transplantation of kidneys retrieved from donor Tamreen.

It was just another busy day on 17th September for Yusuf Shah, father of donor Tamreen, until a terrible accident in Chandigarh changed everything.

“Tamreen was so happy in the morning as she boarded the bus from Akrola in UP to be with her aunt and cousins in Chandigarh.  But we could not think in our wildest of imagination that her happiness is so short-lived and our world would crash before the sun set.” On reaching Chandigarh, as Tamreen got down from the bus, she was brutally hit by a mini bus coming from behind, shared Yusuf. 

Tamreen was immediately rushed to PGIMER and was placed on life support, but she was beyond recovery as she had sustained severe head injuries and was declared brain dead.  

It was then the transplant coordinators at PGIMER raised the matter of organ donation with Yusuf Shah. “It was the hardest decision. But somehow, I felt like it was something we should do.”  Yusuf Shah said after he consented for organ donation.

What was a horrific decision for a grieving father became one of the few positives around the death of his daughter. “I’d recommend to anyone else who can do it, do it,” Yusuf Shah said. He decided to share his daughter’s incredible story with the world in the hope of encouraging others to sign up as the organ donors.