Gracious Gesture by Malerkotla, Family Saves Five  

Malerkotla, Punjab 

Date of Donation: 5th May 2018

In sync with his name, donor Suraj, all of 21 years,  from Malerkotla, Punjab, rises again in three terminally ill patients through the transplantation of his liver, kidneys and pancreas and spreads light in the life of the recipients  despite bidding adieu to this mortal world here at PGIMER today.

It was a routine ride on two wheeler with a friend on the night of 28th April when the unexpected happened and the time stopped for the family of Suraj as he was fatally hurt in a head-on collision with a car and slipped into coma. However, due to poor prognosis, Suraj was shifted to ICU. In the following days, Suraj’s condition kept worsening further and became irretrievable and eventually, Suraj was declared brain dead on 5th May.  

In the meantime, transplant coordinators at the PGIMER apprised the deceased’s relatives of an opportunity to utilize his organs through donation for transplants. With the deceased’s father Ram Avtar giving a nod to the proposal, the concerned departments started reaching out to the matching recipients to honour the family’s courageous decision of organ donation despite being faced with this grim tragedy of losing their son.

“When I was told that Suraj’s organs could save others, I agreed after taking consent of my family. There was only one thought in our minds that made us take this tough call that we save some other family from facing this unbearable pain which our family is confronted with. There cannot be anything more traumatic than losing your child in his prime. May be someone else turns lucky and his child survives with organ donation of my son,” said the brave heart father Ram Avtar.