“Carry on this good work. Be blessed!”

Sh. V.P. Singh Badnore
Administrator UT Chandigarh & Governor Punjab


“I got a Kidney last year and I Know how it feels to be healthy again. It feels really good now and I am very thankful to PGIMER and the donor family.”

Mr. Vishal Sharma
Vill-Manjal kalan
Dist-Patiala, Punjab
Mobile No.-9501296075


“Its my proud privilege to be a part of this noble cause. Lets be a part of the society where a family braving an irreparable loss on one end is serving so many lives and making the memory of their loved one unforgettable.”

Best Wishes
Dr. Preeti Yadav, IAS
SDM, Malerkotla, Punjab


“Proud to be associated with ROTTO, who are engaged in great service to humanity. SBI shall keep supporting ROTTO in future too. I wish them all the success in this noble cause.”

Mr. S. Rana
General Manager
State Bank of India


“We should donate our organs after death so that needy patients can be benefited.”

Mr. T.S. Saini
House No. 3007/1
Sector-45 D, Chandigarh


“This is a life saving cause .We shall support this.”

Mr. Arun Sharma
House No. 1907
Sector-22 B, G.F, Chandigarh


“Proud to be associated with ROTTO and the team under Nodal Officer Dr Vipin Koushal is performing exceptionally well.”

Prof. A.K. Gupta
Medical Superintendent cum Head
Dept. of Hospital Administration
PGIMER, Chandigarh


“A very Nobel initiative! The leader is a very dedicated and great human being. This initiative will blossom into a great movement which will give life to many and revolutionize organ donation scene in the country.”

Dr. Sanjay Arya
AIIMS, New Delhi
Mobile No.- 9868397014


“A great Initiative by ROTTO. Very enthusiastic team and great transplant coordinators. Keep doing the great work, all the best.”

Dr. Ishwarpreet , PhD.
Dept. of Community Medicine
PGIMER, Chandigarh


“Very Noble cause and I wish lots of luck for the endeavor.”

Mr. Ashutosh Rajan
Sub Divisional Magistrate  
Kalka, Haryana


“Keep it up!! All the Best.”

Dr. Suchet Sachdev
Dept. of Blood Transfusion
PGIMER, Chandigarh


“It is a very Nobel, useful and a life saving cause and I support it fully.”

Ms. Latika Sharma
MLA, Pinjore, Haryana


“It is a very nice cause and the youth of the nation shall be supporting ROTTO to disseminate the information about Organ Donation.”

Mr. Rohit Kumar
NSS Volunteer (National Awardee)
House No. 1969, Village Burail, Sector-45 B, Chandigarh
Mobile No.-9915721181


“The team is doing excellent work on such a noble social cause and I wish all the success to all the team members.”

Dr. S.P Chauhan
House No. 940, Sector-7 B, Chandigarh
Mobile No.- 9417505973


“Proud To be a Donor”

Mr. Jasdeep Singh
House No: 2148, Sector-71
Mohali, Punjab
Phone No.-0172-2274565


“I have been wanting this for a long time and really grateful to get a chance for organ donation. Thanks ROTTO PGIMER.”

Dr. Romika Wadhera
House No. 1036, Phase-4
Mohali, Punjab
Mobile No.- 9779125763


“It is a privilege to be a part of this noble endeavour, Thank You!!”

Lt. Col. Rattanbir Singh
Zirakpur, Mohali, Punjab
Mobile No.- 9873355715


“I support organ donation.”

Mr. Anand Dhawan
House No. 3313/A
Sector-24 D, Chandigarh


“I render my wholehearted support to Organ Donation.”

Dr. Richa Gambhir
House No. 3320
Sector -32 D, Chandigarh
Moblie No.- 9316256668


“I want to help ROTTO by organizing camps at high court and District court.”

Mr. Rajesh Kaul
House No. 6, Sector-11
Panchkula, Haryana
Mobile No.- 9316115607


“I signed up to become an organ, tissue and body donor because I want the end of my life to be the beginning of someone’s better life. Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person’s life.”

Ms. Sukhwinder Kaur
House No. 2489/1
Sector-67, Mohali, Punjab
Mobile No.- 9872573571


“Pledging for organ donation for welfare of people who desperately need it. Will urge the masses to opt for it my support will always be there for this cause.”

Mr. Saajan
House No. 3336, Bankers Enclave
Sector-50 D, Chandigarh
Mobile No.- 9855562642


“A very Nobel cause. Needs contribution from each one of us.”

Mr. P.K. Krishan
Deputy General Manager
State Bank of India
Mobile No.- 9805990600


“I am a lucky one to have received organ. Donate organs to live even after you are not around.”

Mr. Aditya Kaushal
House No. 121
Sector-24 B, Chandigarh


“Jeevan ki hai yahi shaan,
Kar dalo aab Aang Dan.
Yahan sab mila maan saaman se,
Atam santushti payao Aang Dan se.”

Mr. Sarvpriya Nirmohi
All India Radio, Chandigarh
Mobile No.- 9216580455


“Don’t think organ donation as giving up part of yourself to keep a total stranger alive, it’s really a total stranger giving up almost all of themselves to keep part of you alive.”

Ms. Deeksha Sharma
House No. 322, Ward No. 4
Near Rest House, Morinda, Dist. Ropar, Punjab
Mobile No.- 9779970722


“Give life to 8 others when leaving.”

Dr. Pranay Mahajan
Dept. of Hospital Administation
PGIMER, Chandigarh
Moblie No. 7087009660


“I am an Organ Donor!! Are you?”

Mr. Tanvir Singh
Kothi No. 2604, First Floor
Phase XI, Mohali, Punjab
Mobile No. 9815914010


“You don’t have to be doctor to save lives! You can save lives too by donating your organs!”

Ms. Joginder Rakesh Kumari
Village Musahibpur, Dist. Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Mobile No.- 8146249995


“ROTTO is engaged in the noblest cause. As a veteran I salute them.”

Col. P.S. Gill
House No. 1511
Sector-11, Chandigarh
Mobile No.- 8146759707


“I have been participating in social activities since 35 years now. It was my deep desire that every part of my body shall be utilized to help the people in need and I got this opportunity to pledge my organs today. My wish got fulfilled.”

Mr. Karnail Singh
House No 135, Sector-70
Mohali, Punjab


“Be Ambassador of Good Work; Spread Good Work; Donation of organs depends upon awareness of near and dear ones. Please create awareness aong family and friens. Don’t keep your pledge in secret. Open up and share…”

Mr. Mukesh Kumar Sharma
House No. 3079
Sector 46-C, Chandigarh
Mobile No.- 9536499595


“I have donated my eyes long ago and now pledged my organs also. I think everyone should become part of this campaign.”

Kuldeep Singh
Chandigarh Police
House No. 2194-A, Police Colony
Sector-41 C, Chandigarh


“Excellent Cause!! Would love to donate my organs.”

Ms. Neelam Verma
Mobile No.- 9814842922